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Welcome to Bright Skin Laser Clinic − a leading provider of treatments that make use of advanced technology to enhance natural beauty. We offer a range of options to help you look your best, including skin tightening, varicose veins treatment, and safe removal of excess skin pigmentation that can accumulate on the complexion over the years. We also provide full aftercare instructions so that your procedure provides the optimal results you’re looking for.

At Bright Skin Laser Clinic, we’re specialists in using advanced technology for beauty treatments that really brighten your skin and boost your self-image. We provide qualified beauty care in Melbourne at a price that allows us to do the best quality work without breaking the bank. We also use medical grade equipment for all our treatments to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your procedure.

Our specialised beauty treatments are all designed to provide outstanding results to improve your appearance and build your confidence. Sometimes nature needs a little help, and that’s where we can provide assistance. The services we offer include:

Popular for its immediate results and lack of downtime needed for recuperation, a carbon laser peel can greatly improve the appearance of the skin. The carbon laser peel removes discolouration such as acne scarring and other pigmentation, while also firming and exfoliating the skin and evening out its tone.

This is a treatment we provide for liquefying fat using ultrasound frequencies. The liquefied fat then exits the body through the lymphatic drainage system. This is a very effective way of reducing fat and ejecting it from the body. Each session lasts for 40 minutes. For optimal results, 5 to 10 sessions are recommended.

By activating the production and maintenance of skin collagen, Fractional Radio Frequency Therapy makes the skin look younger and plumper. It also uses the technique of dermal stamping, which shrinks pores, reduces pigmentation and scar appearance, and creates a luminous and even skin tone.

This form of beauty therapy boosts the production of new collagen. It’s basically a non-surgical face lift treatment that doesn’t require any downtime for recovery. This procedure can successfully treat sagging skin, turkey neck, drooping at the sides of the mouth or at the brow line, thin crepey skin and wrinkles on the chest.

This advanced treatment at our skin and laser clinic removes unwanted hair from the face and body in a technique similar to laser treatment, but without the pain. IPL selectively uses the correct wavelength of light to remove hair in a fast and relatively painless procedure. SHR IPL works on hair that’s in the growth phase, when it’s possible to achieve 75% to 90% hair reduction.

For our laser tattoo removal treatment, we use Q-switch laser technology to shine an intense light on the tattoo particles. Some of them will evaporate while others will liquefy and exit the body through the lymph system. As this treatment only uses the correct and necessary wavelengths of light, this treatment is very safe and can remove tattoos with no scarring.

LED light therapy uses particular wavelengths of light to add energy to cells in the skin’s dermal layer. That energy then causes the cells to produce more ATP, which helps to repair the skin’s surface. Different kinds of skin conditions can be healed using specific colours of LED light therapy. For example, blue LED light is capable of healing acne.

This is a technique that involves injecting vitamins and minerals 1 to 4mm into the mesoderm of the skin with a few tiny needles. As the health-enriching vitamins and minerals start working their magic, the skin lifts and evens out in tone and texture, while fat deposits under the skin are dissolved. This medical beauty care treatment is ideal for improving circulation, reducing scarring and minimising inflammation.

This procedure at our laser skin clinic is designed to improve the look of the skin by aiding skin recovery from scars, wrinkles, premature aging, loose skin and stretch marks. Microneedling involves the insertion of very small needles into the skin at superficial levels. It can be combined with topical treatments to allow greater penetration of vitamins and minerals into the skin.

A popular option at laser clinics for treating acne and premature aging, microdermabrasion involves using exfoliants on the skin before a process is used to suction the dead skin cells off the skin. Removing old skin debris reduces the opportunity for the skin to produce active acne, as there’s nothing to block the skin pores. Microdermabrasion also kick starts collagen production, which is why it’s recommended for wrinkles, skin marks, pigmentation and acne.

In plasma therapy, a strictly controlled and superficial type of damage is done to the skin which stimulates the skin to repair itself at the site of the damage. This advanced treatment can be used to reduce wrinkles, droopy eyelids, age spots, keloids, scars, stretch marks, acne and spider veins.

Skin rejuvenation is achieved through E-Light IPL technology. A specific light wavelength targets the live layer of the skin, which results in old skin layers being replaced. This removes or reduces unwanted pigmentation, including sun damage, redness and liver spots. Overall, this procedure is perfect for tightening and smoothing skin as well as reducing pore size.

If you’re looking for laser clinics near Templestowe and surrounding areas such as Doncaster, Eltham and Montmorency, Bright Skin Laser Clinic is the perfect choice. Conveniently located at 105 King Street in Templestowe, we proudly service the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If you’re in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and you’re looking for a skin laser clinic in Fawkner or surrounding suburbs like Broadmeadows, Merlynston, Coburg or Glenroy, we can also help you. Our skin and laser clinic at 49 Bonwick Street in Fawkner serves the areas north of Melbourne’s CBD.

Our skin laser clinic is a welcoming and relaxing place to have your beauty treatments done while you simply relax. Let our specialists work to get the results you want while you take a well-earned rest. Today is 100% you time, so why not make the most of it?

At Bright Skin Laser Clinic, we use advanced technologies for beauty treatments to get you the beauty results you desire. Whether you want to rejuvenate your skin, heal acne scarring you’ve had for years or reduce wrinkles, we’ve got a treatment for you. Call Bright Skin Laser Clinic today on 0420 232 796 to speak to our qualified team, or book online now.

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