Laser Tattoo Removal

This method of tattoo removal is non-invasive and does not leave any scarring behind. Using a Q-switch machine the tattoo particles have an intense light focused on them which results in some of them evaporating and the rest liquefying and getting secreted by the body’s lymphatic system. This laser procedure has proven both effective and safe because it only focuses the right and harmless wavelength of light onto the pigments.

Tattoos are a great and beautiful form of body art however sometimes we tattoo some people’s names that are no in our lives anymore or get tattoos whilst drunk which we can regret and usually cover them up with bigger and more intense tattoos when we can easily erase them with our Q-switch machine.

Laser tattoo removals can take from 2 to 5 sessions depending on the colour, type, depth, quality, age and amount of the ink used.

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